Pekut and Carwick Industry Newsletter

Hi Folks,

We’ve got great new products available right now!

  • DISSIDENT SPIRITS gin, amaro, vodka, coffee liqueur)
  • SPIRIT WORKS single barrel, cask strength wheat and rye
  • PEKUT AND CARWICK 2022 Vin D'Orange (164 bottles only!)
Check out this epic local craft lineup!

Dissident Spirits

If you’re not familiar with these guys, you’re in for a treat. Based in Richmond, CA, Dissident Spirits is making some of the best craft spirits around, from gin to amaro to vodka, and liqueurs. We distribute their spirits in California and we'd love to set up a tasting for you.

Spirit Works single barrel wheat and rye

Our All Wheat and Rye/Malt single barrel whiskeys from Spirit Works Distillery are spectacular and available in limited qualities (less than 200 bottles each batch). Cask strength versions of products we know and love, try this new angle on a great local distiller's expressions.

Let us know if we can help.

  • TASTINGS: If you have a tasting license and want to get us on your schedule, we’d love to host an event at your location!
  • TRAINING: Can we swing by sometime for a staff training or a pour of any of the spirits we carry?
  • PROJECTS: We live for projects and collaborations. Store-only exclusive bottlings, single barrel special releases, or helping you find a hard-to source brand or distillate, holler if we can help.

We're looking for a Bay Area sales rep!

Are you a sales professional interested in the intersection of ethics, sustainability, and spirits? Or maybe you know someone you'd like to recommend? We're looking for good people to help us get the word out.


Nate and team