Why independent bottling?

A dim warehouse full of aging oak whiskey barrels.
As independent bottlers we have more flexibility than big beverage brands and we want to use this platform for good. 

Big beverage brands are stuck. They create products that are consistent for massive global distribution. If they sell gin, they make that gin over and over and over again. Every bottle is the same, every time which is an epic feat of quality control and supply chain management but also a bit...boring.

We like consistency and quality. But we also love to mix things up. A lot.

At Pekut and Carwick, we’re free to explore small batches of products that are seasonal, rare, esoteric, or otherwise overlooked on the way to global markets. While our standards of excellence are consistent, our product lines and flavor profiles change.

As smaller, more agile operators, we’re uniquely qualified to deliver you one-of-a-kind spirits from every corner of the globe.  

As flavor geeks, we’re on a mission to delight, surprise and challenge your palate with every pour.  

As good humans, we use our platform sell and uplift the products, brands, and people who are changing the spirits industry for the better.

Spirits are fascinating—a single pour can transport you to another time and place. We want to go there. We believe you do, too.