About us

Two hands holding a small amount of malted barley

What we do

We sell well-made distilled spirits to conscientious bartenders, merchants, and distributors.

How we think

Spirits should be ethically and sustainably manufactured, sourced, packaged, marketed, and enjoyed for what they are—expressions of the farm, orchard, field, region, and people that produced them. We believe that:

  1. Spirits are agricultural—food comes from plants grown on farms and orchards, distilled spirits come from these same plants. Caring about where your food comes from also means caring about where your spirits come from.
  2. Spirits are industrial—even before modern industry, special equipment and resources (capital, energy, fuel, water, labor) have always been needed to create distilled spirits. The industrial nature of distillation sometimes means we need to consider spirits differently from other food products.
  3. The distilled spirits economy is made of people. All people deserve fair treatment.
  4. Conversations about distilled spirits are never simple—the historical, political, social, regulatory, and physiological intersections of alcohol and society can be uncomfortable, even divisive, but they are always worth discussing. Transparency and good communication are critical.
  5. Spirits are delicious—water and ethanol are wonderfully compatible with the human sensory organs. They are also chemically perfect for delivering compelling aromas and flavors to the olfactory cortex. Artificial colorants, flavor adjuncts, and other questionable raw materials should be avoided.
  6. Business is best done in person.

We'd love to meet you

Are you a bartender, spirits buyer, or alcohol distributor? We’d like to talk about how we can support your business. Reach out!