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00001 - 00204

Maiden Voyage California Single Malt Whiskey

00205 - 00329

Heritage California Single Malt Whiskey

00330 - 01930

Bulk Rum - Guyana

01931 - 02007


02008 - 02108

Citrus Aurantium California Vin d'Orange

02109 - 05329


05330 - 06030

Prunus Mume California Umeshu

Past Releases

California Single Malt Whiskey

A bottle of Pekut and Carwick Heritage California Single Malt Whiskey
Heritage California Single Malt Whiskey / 61.5% ABV / 400 bottles produced

Produced from unpeated UK malt at Sutherland Distilling Company in Livermore, CA, there were two barrels of Heritage distilled in October 2016. They were stored in two different American Standard Bourbon (ASB) char #4 casks until we vatted them. On the nose, you'll find vanilla, menthol, cedar, and wet oak. The palate is dry with a building heat that starts with a brief apple sweetness that gives way to brioche, toasted bread, hints of pear esters and more wet oak. Read more.