Nuanced, complex, historic: Ortolan Rosolio's Cal-Italian vibes

A bottle of Ortolan Rosolio sits atop a cafe table surrounded by pink rose blossoms.
Over 30 organic heirloom rose varietals contribute to Ortolan's nuanced flavor profile.

We've partnered with Ortolan Rosolio to bring you a beautiful, complex, Californian expression of the Italian classic made with heirloom roses from Sonoma and Ventura counties.

Applying traditional techniques he learned in Europe to the roses in the garden of his childhood home in Berkeley, founder Rob Collier spent years perfecting his take on traditional Italian rosolios. Through careful selection, harvesting, and blending of heirloom rose varietals, each lending distinct aroma characteristics, Ortolan Rosolio shows nuance and complexity when compared to the "typical rose" flavors of the more commonly available damask rose. You'll find balanced notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, grapefruit, lychee, even artichoke and gentian, leading to a long, clean, and still floral finish. The result not only stands alone as an aperitif or digestif, but also adds a complimentary, elevating complexity to cocktails.

Ortolan has won numerous awards and is served in Michelin-starred restaurants and top bars throughout California. We are thrilled to be representing Rob in his Bay Area home!


The Pekut & Carwick Team