Four people walk along an aisle in a Scottish warehouse full of barrels.
Where we started and where we're going. Join us for a nerdy, delicious exploration into the world of spirits!

A few years ago, I toured two of my favorite whisky producers in Campbeltown (Scotland) and Osaka (Japan).

I stood in a dunnage warehouse soaking up the smell of damp earth, black mold, and a sweet, piercing high note of oak and ethanol from hundreds of single malt, single grain, and rum casks.

I walked through the hot, humid, yeast-soured air of a Scottish-style still house, past the raw power surging into two rows of giant pot stills.

Smells like these are powerful… and sometimes not even all the way pleasant.

It’s the complicated sensory experiences that challenge us, intrigue us and make us want to know more

How does the history of distilled spirits inform (or misinform) our idea of the actual product and how we buy, sell, and enjoy it?

The most sophisticated chemical sensor we have is attached to all of our faces (amazing!). How does that work?

How can we attract more people to an inclusive and unbiased discussion in a market that relies so heavily on exclusivity and brand story as selling points?

Pekut & Carwick Independent Bottlers is here for all this, and more

Whether you’re a traditional spirits lover, an adventurous drinker, or just totally new to the world of distilled spirits, we aim to make your experience accessible and enjoyable. Maybe even educational.