Prunus Mume Made the SF Chronicle Gift List!

A screenshot of the SF Chronicle gift guide
We're famous!

Last week we cracked open our SF Chronicle and found ourselves face to face with a photo of our Prunus Mume liqueur in their 2022 gift guide! Whoa!

That's right, our sweet-tart Prunus Mume umeshu liqueur has the official SF Chronicle stamp of approval, which means bringing a bottle to your next gathering is practically mandatory if you want coolness points (or an invite next year).

Just kidding, we aren't trying to guilt you into buying umeshu. No need, we're already famous:

"Beverages made from ume, the tangy Japanese stone fruit, are having a moment in the Bay Area... Among the best local efforts is Berkeley’s Pekut & Carwick, whose Prunus Mume (the official Latin name for ume) is made by steeping the fruit, while it’s still green and underripe, with sugar and neutral alcohol. The result is a nice balance of sweet and sour, with a sharply acidic bite that recalls mouth-puckering candy."

See what all the fuss is about by following the shopping link below or find a retailer near you.